Please do this with the  not sending Station


connect  PC with Motherboard  open Terminal Progr

 !! NO JUMPER on Motherboard  !! 

Press the Comunications Button 

Station start to send  to server this can take some Minutes 

Copy this log  and send it to us 

in this log we see what APN the Station use to connect to the Internet

But jumpes in Motherboard  

go to

(1)     SYSTEM  


(2)     FULL REPORT 


copy this  and send it to us 

in this report we have the events  from the Station  from the time when Station could not send

go to

(2)     SENSOR



copy this  and store it in a TEXT ot Word File and send it to us 

in this file there are the Data  of the Measurements  of the last days

if the Data file is  OK than we can uploade the  date manually to the Server that you do not loose The data