Send the APN settings with SMS to the station 

You need:

  • Serial number = serial number of your station
  • APN, user name, password = Internet access data of the sim card in the station 

Send a SMS with following text to the station:

For iMetos1, iMetos2 and ECO D2 

! serial_number 0 APN,user_name,password !

For imetos3.3 and ECO D3 you can use  both Versions

! serial_number 0 APN,user_name,password !

Example: ! 00200003 0,gprs,a1 ! 


! serial_number 3 country_name,MCC,MNC,apn,user_name,password !

Example: ! 00202233 3 austria,232,1,,gprs,a1 !  



The serial_number is the serial number of the station (Station ID)

APN, user_name and password are the login details for the SIM Card to connect to the internet.  

For this information please ask your SIM Provider.

serial_number    =   serial number of the station
country_name    =   country of the provider
MCC                      =   MCC of the provider
MNC                     =   MNC of the provider
apn                       =   APN server
user_name         =   user name of APN server
password            =
   password of APN server

Make sure that in the SMS all space and comma are set correct.