What do you need for reseting you FieldClimate password:

  • username  in FC
  • valid email address in your account settings

Reset Password

  1. Go to the FieldClimate website - https://www.fieldclimate.com/
    When you hover over the question mark ? you see the function "Forgot Password"

  2. Please click on "? Forgot Password"

  3. Insert your Username and click on RESET PASSWORD
    Please note that the user name is case sensitive so be careful with uppercase and lowercase letters!

  4. Now a Message is displayed to check your email

  5. Take a look at your email in your Inbox (and Spam folder!) and click on the link Forgot Password.
  6. Now you get redirected to FieldClimate and you can choose your new password.
    Please use at least 5 characters, uppercase, lowercase letters and one number.

  7. After you inserted your new password click on UPDATE PASSWORD

  8. Now you are be able to login with your new password.
    If you are facing any issues please contact our support team via our support portal https://metos.freshdesk.com