You need:

  • PC or notebook
  • Jumper (Jumper RM2,54)
  • USB cable - mini type:
  • Station which is not sending or from which station you would like to create a Log file 
  • Battery from the station
  • PI Service Terminal program

    Click HERE for more information and download.

Please follow these instructions:

Make sure there is !! NO JUMPER on the motherboard  !! 

Connect the PC and the motherboard (PCB) with the USB cable.

Start the PI Service terminal program.

Click at "Save to Logfile". (red circle below)


As soon as you click at "Save to Logfile" the complete folder path including the file name is displayed in the status bar (red Square below).
Normally Log files are stored in the folder "Log_Files", which is created in the program's folder path. 

The date and time at this point are part of the file name, e.g. "logfile 2022_04_19 12:00:00.txt".

Please also tick the box Timestamp.

Connect the battery at the station (LEDs start to flash).

On "Serial port" select the correct COM used (1) see image below.

The Baud rate is set automatically (2) see image below.

Then click "Connect" (3) see image below.

The system starts and makes a connection to the server, this can take up to 10 minutes.

If the connection to the server is not built up automatically:

Press the Connect-Button.

(At iMETOS boards the Connect-Button is on the PCB at ECO it is outside the housing.)

Station start to send to server this can take up to 7 minutes.

In this log we see what APN the station use to connect to the internet.

To see the Full Report

Put jumper on J1 at PCB

and go to 


and press

(1)     SYSTEM  


(2)     FULL REPORT 

In this report we have the events of the Station from the time when the station could not send.

To get the stored Data

Go back to MAIN MENU wit ESC


(2)     SENSOR

and then 


In this file there are the data of the measurements from the last days.

If the data file is OK than we can uploade the date manually to the server that you do not loose the data!

Click at "Save to Logfile" again and you Lockfile is stored automatically in the folder "Log_Files" as TEXT (.txt).

Send it to us via ticket system!

Then click "Disconnect" and you are finished (see image below)