To update the modem you need:

  • Computer
  • PCB where you want to do the modem update
  • mini USB Cable (to connect the PCB to the computer)
  • latest version for the Modem Update
  • PI Service Terminal

To download the PI Service Terminal for Windows, click on the link below

Download PI Service Terminal

For more information or help please read Download PI Service Terminal in our solutions.

To download the latest Version of the Modem Update, click on the link below and download the the correct update for the modem of your board

CLICK HERE for the latest version of Modem Update

To update the modem, please follow the next given steps.

  1. Download the latest version of the modem update and save it on the computer you use for the update.
  2. Open the PI Service Terminal
  3. Connect the PC to the board via USB cable (yellow square)
  4. Plug in the Battery (blue square)
  5. On "Serial port" select the correct COM used (1) see image below - if you have only one board connected the COM Port is set automatically.
  6. The Baud rate is set automatically (2) see image below.

  7. Then click "Connect" (3) see image below.

  8. Wait until the Main Menu appears or press H 

  9. Press "P" to choose Setup NB-IoT module parameters

  10. Then press "U" NB-IoT Module FW upgrade (to get the Modem into Update Mode)

  11. Then this message appears:

  12. Press now on "Disconnect"

  13. Open the latest version of the modem update which you downloaded before.

  14. Now insert "1" for UAT and press ENTER

  15. Insert the correct COM Port in this case "5" and press ENTER

  16. Insert the COM speed "115200" and press ENTER

  17. When a green text appears the application started the modem update

  18. Wait until following text appears - this takes 10-15 minutes time:

  19. Press Enter to close the update application

  20. Now unplug the board and unplug the battery


- To double check if the modem update was successful follow the next given steps:
- Open the PI Service Terminal
- Connect the PC to the board via USB cable and connect the battery.
- Then click "Connect".
- Wait until the Main Menu appears or press "H"
- Press "L" for Print NB-IoT info
- Now you see at "Modem SW Version:" the actual version of your modem software.
- This version should be the same like the name of the downloaded file 
    (latest version of the modem update).
- Press now on "Disconnect" and unplug the USB cable and the battery