In this article you will find the information how to activate a Licenses and how to create a CropZone

Please follow the next given steps:

Purchase a Yield Prediction and Satellite Imagery License from your local Metos Dealer.

Make sure the station that is near the field has a Forecast license activated, if not

purchase from your local Metos Dealer.

3 Once you have the license keys (Yield Prediction and/or Forecasts) enter under the user license or the User Menu.

4 Click on the CropZone icon to access the Management Page.

In this page you can Add or Delete the Farm, Field and CropZone by clicking on the +cropzone/field/farm blue button.

5 Add the Farm name, Field name and CropZone name and click ADD


You will be prompted to choose your subscription license and the click


6 You will see the Farm/Field/CropZone added to the Management Page, and you will see “Farm, field and cropzone successfully created in the bottom right corner”

Click on the CropZone name on the management page and the Cropzone Settings – General page is shown. The name of Cropzone, Field and Farm name are shown. Then choose the cultivation period, which is longer than the growing period usually. Click the Draw button to draw your cropzone or field boundary.

When finished, click the Store Boundaries button. You can also import boundary files. The CropZone is now set up, and the next step is to set up the Yield Prediction.