To focus the camera you need:
1. Pessl Instr. Crop View Focus
2. Mini USB cable to connect the main board to the PC or Notebook
3. jumper (jumper RM2,54)

You can download the PI Crop View Focus here:

Click here to download PI Crop View Focus

For more information or help please read

Download PI Crop View Focusin our solutions.

To focus the Camera, please follow the given next steps: 

  1. Look for the scene where you want to take pictures from. 
    Identify the best location for the camera – take into consideration the sun position. 
    We recommend the use of a sun position application for your mobile phone (Sun Surveyor or something similar), in order to 
    be sure that that your CropVIEW unit will not be facing directly to the sun lightat the time that photos should be taken.
  2. Focusing the cameras on field: it is recommended to do it in the morning or evening, when the sunlight is low. Otherwise your laptop screen will be hardly visible. 
  3. Be careful there is no cable or very brigth light close which perturbes the camera.
  4. Unplug the control unit from the camera and remove the cap from the panorama camera
  5. Connect the PC to the Camera (USB Cable on the red square "MAIN USB") and put the jumper on J1 (blue square)Make sure that there are no other USB cables connected to your PC.

  6. Now open PI CropView Focus test application.

  7. On Configuration choose "Zoom Center" and the Camera you want to focus.

  8. On "COM Port" Select the correct COM Port. If it is the only one device connected to your PC, COM port is detected automatically.

  9.  Switch to "Focus" and press "Connect to Camera" 
  10. Now the Status shows "CropView Ready" 
  11. Now press "Start"
    The Status now shows "Configuring Camera" and wait for approximately 2-5 min.

  12. As soon as Camera Status shows: "Getting a new Photo" the first photo is taken.
    Wait for the second photo an then start to adjust the Zoom.
  13. Start to turn the Camera clockwise for approximately 1/4 turn.
    If the Actual detail Level increases turn further clockwise. If the Actual detail Level decreases start to turn the Camera counter clockwise.
    Be careful not to damage the fine pitch thread of Lens and mount.
    After each 1/4 turn wait for 2 photos. 

  14. Please take your time, focusing one camera takes at least 20 minutes. 

  15. The Actual detail Level shows how accurate the focus of the camera is.
    For Panorama lens this should be between 12 000 000 and 16 500 000, the higher this value the better it is.
    For Zoom lens Actual detail Level should be 4 200 000 or higher.
  16. When you finished focusing the camera click on "Stop" and when Status shows "Crop View Ready" klick on "Disconnect"
  17. Now you can focus your second camera or you unplug the cable an you are finished.
  18. For focusing the second camera change to Configuration
    and chose Camera 2.
  19. Now repeat Step 9 to 16 with the second camera.